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We are proud of the over 2,400 websites we have designed and developed. We are equally proud of the relationships we have created with our clients, who trust us to deliver what they need on time, and for a reasonable cost. We are always here to help with any computer or Internet related questions. Professional website design is our main business. We answer our phones, we answer our e-mail, and we answer to our clients. There is no charge to discus your ideas, give us a call at (727) 441-2459 .

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Dynamic CMS Websites ~ Custom look with unlimited pages and sub pages ~ You input the text content and page images. We create a custom website look and feel with your logo or header art and give you complete control of the content! We include "See Every Click" tutorials. You can change content any time you like. We provide a lesson in keeping it "Goggle Friendly". You can incorporate video, photo albums, a blog and many other features yourself! We set up the site and database, apply the "Look" and hand it over to you to fill with content. SEO FRIENDLY ~ Included : Hosting • Google Site Map • Domain Name Support • Tutorials ~ These websites are GREAT LOOKING and no one else has your look!              more about CUSTOM DYNAMIC WEBSITES

Website Application Setup ~ If you want to have a website that is really an application you will probably able to administer it from an admin with little difficulty. However, setting up the code and database and installing a "Look" or visual template can be confusing and time consuming. We can get it set up and ready to use for you, with a minimum of hassle on your part. Usually in a matter of hours.! BLOGS • WIKIS • SOCIAL NETWORKING • ONLINE CALENDARS • CLASSIFIED AD WEBSITE • WORDPRESS • FORMS      
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Search Engine Optimization ~ Most of our websites enjoy top rankings on the major search engines. Search engine optimization is often a larger task than building the sites, but without good rankings, many sites will never do business. Be very suspicious of companies that offer to "Make you number one on Google" for a small amount of money. Finding the right search phrases, examining what the people who already are in the top ten spots have done and making your site a true competitor are the only way to lasting website rankings. We will teach you how it works, and show proof of results.        More info and a list of our top ranked sites
We share our website and computer expertise with our clients.

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The top 10 FREE things on the internet!

Be careful online, if it seems to be to good to be true, it usually is, but these free softwares and services are like free money...

Technology Breakthrough: What Tivo did for TV, The Kindle Reader does for books and documents.
Green Screen Video for the web.
I have been passionate about photography and video since before the web was invented. If you are too, you may enjoy seeing some of my award winning digital photography galleries, or checking out some of our streaming video. I have created tutorials on how to do streaming green screen video on a budget, and they are very popular. We are expert at processing your video to stream large and clear and fast on the web, and have 12 videos that are placed 1st under their prime keyword on Google. If you want to get your video seen by the world, we can help. Click the picture to learn more. Web Design Clearwater talking on TV about the IPOD Nano

Visit our websites, then call them to find out what they think about our service and prices. Most of our website designs are sites are listed in the top 10 spots on the major search engines under their primary keywords. There is no point in paying for professional website design if nobody ever sees the site. We work in Clearwater Florida, but our clients are all over the country.

With 15 years in the business, we know how to do it right. Previous customers include several Fortune 500 companies, as well as small local groups like the boy scouts and local churches. There is no charge to discuss your project, and if we are not the right company for you, we will still give you useful information, and steer you in the right direction.

Our professional website design created in Clearwater, Florida show up on the web for companies all over the United States. With e-mail and telephones working from another city or state is no different than working down the block. website design that is user friendly is the only kind worth doing!

Our web design clients come to us recommended by satisfied customers.
Call Rich at 727-441-2459 to discuss your project.
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PC HELP AND FREE TUTORIALS ~ Web Design Tips ~ PC & XP Tutorials
Whenever a client needs some "How To" information, we create a tutorial that shows EVERY mouse click, or save the article we give them to be shared with others on the web. There are hundreds of articles on the following subjects and many tutorials throughout the site. Use the links to find what you need in the way of PC Help Tutorials for Windows XP, and articles on many website design and design subjects. We provide Flash XP Tutorials and Web Design Tips for Windows XP problems and professional website design Technologies.
FIX SLOW COMPUTERS ~ Fix PC problems yourself - Free and easy....
  • Most people don't know that when they take their machines in to be fixed that the technicians usually run some excellent utilities that can be downloaded from the Internet to fix all of the most common causes of slow or freezing up computers.

  • If you run these utilities your self, in the right order, you usually won't need any help getting your machine to run faster than it ever has before! THERE ARE FREE 30 Day TRIALS of all of them, so you don't need to spend a cent.

  • This method was developed during 15 years of tuning up machines for some of the largest companies in the US, as well as universities and the city governments of San Francisco and Berkeley California. These utilities were selected because they proved themselves thousands of times.
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The best methods and tools for website design are listed below.

  • Website Graphics Tutorials and Information on website Graphics

  • Custom Tutorials for your online needs, on any subject.

  • Free Computer Help Desk Support with free windows XP tutorials for most of our clients needs.

  • Hosting, with one of the largest server groups in the US

  • Very successful Search Engine submission services - SEO Tips here   

  • Computer advice gained from 18 yrs of experience

  • Professional Photo and Streaming Video service.

  • We solve computer problems such as slow or freezing computers and security issues.

Before you choose any web developer, become informed by reading the Website Design FAQ.

We offer the same quality service to small business as we have to the largest. Website Design in Clearwater Florida is serving clients around the USA. Visit our clients websites, then call them for references.

We answer our phones, we answer our e-mail, and we answer to our clients. There is no charge to discus your ideas, give us a call at (727) 441-2459. To learn more about the people at Richweb.

Our articles are generally aimed at the " Average Computer User" If you are a bit more computer savy there is some great information at:

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Website Design Clearwater references our physical location, Clearwater, Florida. Our datasphere location is planet earth, a very small place now that we can talk by phone, e-mail, Blog, use chat rooms, etc. We can do work for you regardless of your location.