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Fix Slow Computers ~ The 18 second boot IS possible!

 Computer Problems?   Before you call for help try these established Windows Tricks FREE!
Save yourself  that call.... 

Conditions: Slow or freezing computer. Programs don't load. Slow Internet -  You can fix it yourself - Free!

MY 6 PC's always run smooth and fast. Your's can too! No matter what the PC Problem, these things need doing, and once done, help you locate other problems if necessary. Many people pay a lot of money to technicians just to run these utilities.

Fact: 90% of all computer problems are caused by a combination of conditions.
  • Fragmented Hard Drive (Windows defrag is junk)
  • Windows registry errors
  • Improper Windows settings
  • To many programs loading at startup (other than virus protection, they don't need to)
  • Adware and Spyware

Fact: No single computer utility corrects all of these conditions. (Some claim to)

Fact: The people you take the machine to fix over 90% of all problems by running a combination of utilities before they do anything else. I have done this process over 2000 times, before even looking for the problem.

Fact: You can download free trial copies of these utilities, run them, and save a trip to the PC doctor most of the time.

Here is the system I use now, and you can do it yourself, free, to keep things running smoothly.I perform these steps every month on all of my machines. These steps solve the majority of computer problems that are not hardware related. You Do not have to perform all steps in one session, just do them in order, as you get time. Real computer help shows you how to do it yourself! Windows XP Tutorials are our way of helping you with your computer problems.

Having worked with computers since 1989, I have tried hundreds of systems, and utilities, to get machines in "Like New" operating condition. Some were great, others crashed my machines. Many computer problems can be cured with these steps. You may not need any other computer help if you run through these steps.

1. Set a system Restore point/Backup Data
2. Check for Adware and viruses. You can check from online free at, or use your virus software. I prefer PCcillan which has a 60% smaller affect on your processor and RAM, and has kept my 4 machines clean for years. It's way less expensive, and does a better job. Free online scans, good tech support, automatic that.*

*I have done contract virus repair at companies such as Bechtel and Bank of America, as well as for city governments. My strong advice is to protect yourself by taking the above suggestions to heart. Sorry, Norton rates only number 6 at Consumer Reports.
2. Check Drive Available Hard Drive Space.
3. Remove unused programs from the computer if drive space is low.
4. Download TuneUp Utilities*
I consider it an important part of my computers maintenance. It solves a large percentage of computer problems. It cleans the registry, gets rid of unwanted startup files, automatically sets dozens of XP settings to make you PC run it's best and lots more.

5. Run: Tuneup Disk Cleaner, Tuneup Registry Cleaner, and Tuneup System Optimizer.
I do not recommend that you run any of the other features for this purpose. More advanced users will enjoy the other features in the program, but these are well worth the price by themselves.

6. Reboot the computer, then set a new Restore point (#1)*
* At this point you may experience improved performance, but I highly recommend completing the next steps.
See number 1.
7. Download Auslogics FREE Defragmentation Software *
This is an important part of my computers maintenance. While windows has always come with a disk Defragmentation tool, it is well known that it is not a very good one. Dozens of companies have created new defragmentation tools. O&O Defragmentation Software organizes the files on your machine in a much more intelligent manner than the Microsoft tool. Computer problems often result from fragmented disks.
8. Defragment Drives.*
All hard drives become fragmented over time. The drive head has to look all over the drive for the different pieces of a file, slowing down performance, and causing wear on the drive. Do this once a month or so. It makes a difference!


9. You are probably enjoying a fast trouble free computer.

If Not, now is when you call for help.


Performing these tasks will save a lot of time and money compared to calling for help to get a service person out or taking your machine in to be fixed. Sometimes you are down for days or even weeks when you could have handled it yourself. We don't just offer web designs in here in Clearwater Florida, we keep things working smoothly for our clients. Computer help is a natural part of our service model, as clients will all need it from time to time. We offer computer advice to keep the machines running fast, to enjoy all of the great multimedia content we create. Our free Windows XP Tutorials will be updated often.

We share our website and computer expertise with our clients.

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