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RSS: Really Simple Syndication


The Microsoft Help and Support site is now providing an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) for its Knowledge Base (KB) articles. RSS feeds provide daily lists of all new KB content for the products you are interested in. If you are already using RSS you can get the RSS feeds now on the RSS Feed Product Index page.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provides a convenient way to syndicate information from a variety of sources, including news stories, updates to a Web site, and even source code check-ins for a development project. On the Help and Support site we will publish RSS-formatted content in an XML file daily. This file will list the newly published KB articles organized by product. The RSS icon indicates a feed is available on the RSS Feed Product Index page.

Generally, you can view RSS feeds as XML files through Internet Explorer. However, viewing the RSS feed in Internet Explorer and pressing F5 every few minutes is not the most efficient use of your time, so most people take advantage of some form of client software to read and monitor RSS feeds. RSS feed "aggregators" let you to syndicate and gather any content on the Web that is provided in an RSS format.

Get the RSS feeds 

To see the latest articles for your products, click the RSS icon on this page or get the RSS feeds now and select a product from the list. The RSS feeds will be updated once every 24 hours.

How do I use RSS?

To see the recently published KB articles for a product, click the RSS icon on this page or get the RSS feeds now. Select the product related to the KB articles you are interested in, and then you will see the XML file that contains the article list. This list will provide an article title and a direct link to the article.

The recommended method of viewing RSS feeds is to use an aggregator. The aggregator will let you subscribe to the RSS file and view the content in a user-friendly format. If you do not use an aggregator, you will see only raw XML when selecting a product. To see new content, you can press F5, however, the article list will only update every 24 hours.

When you subscribe to the Help and Support RSS feed through your aggregator, the Internet address is The article list will appear in the client viewer or you will receive the latest list in e-mail, depending on how your client works.

There are many different RSS clients available. Some typically used RSS feed aggregators for Windows are:

These aggregators and RSS feed clients are not provided or supported by Microsoft. The aggregator features will vary between clients. Please contact the aggregator provider for technical support.

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