Not the same old "Cookie Cutter" websites you get from a template site or "Free Websites" offers.

These are definately not the same old "Cookie Cutter" websites you get from a template site or "Free Websites" offers. Each Website has:

• One of a kind design and color scheme, created for you.
• Search Engine Friendly code
• It's own database and it's own domain name
• A private password protected admin to manage your content.
• The ability to plug in modules like Photo Galleries, a Blog page, Video, etc.
• An FTP account to let you use your web space for storing files or enlarging the site.

We have modified the famous open source blog admin used in Wordpress to function for editing regular websites. Though you can add a blog page to it, these are complete websites, not blogs. This option offers a product between the "Ugly hard to optimize for search engines" cheap sites that are offered with hosting or as part of some huge database for a few dollars a month and an expensive fully custom site.

Your look is custom, your domain is unique, and the search engines can see you. In fact, we submit a google sitemap file for you as part of the setup.

Technology Breakthrough: A unique website at an affordable price. Just $299 with NO hidden fees,

We set up the hosting We point the domain name you choose to use • Provide email addresses ending in your domain name •
We work your logo and images into the design, using color schemes you choose
We provide support!

Take a look at some sites created this way!

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Website Design Clearwater references our physical location, Clearwater, Florida. Our datasphere location is planet earth, a very small place now that we can talk by phone, e-mail, Blog, use chat rooms, etc. We can do work for you regardless of your location.