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Website search engine optimization

Most of our websites enjoy top rankings on the major search engines. Search engine optimization is often a larger task that building the sites, but without good rankings, many sites will never do business. Proof of Rankings

There may be more than 1,000,000 websites competing for page one on Goggle under the search phrase you think you should use. Why would you believe you can get there for $19.95 using someone's automated product?

More money is wasted on "Quick and Cheap: Search engine optimization than on any other part of the web. We do it right, we tell you the truth, and will educate you on how to keep your rankings up. Prices for SEO vary with the difficulty of the task.        How to do it yourself!

The Basics of Search Engine Placement:

Take a few minutes to consider the following information. It is worth understanding if you are the owner of a website.

  • If you have a unique product, lets call it the "Zevoplex V" Getting you listed on page one will take very little work under that term, as there is no competition for the term.
  • If you want to be found on page one under "Sporting Goods" there are currently 71,600,000 pages competing for the number one spot.
  • If you want to be found under "Sporting Goods Clearwater Florida" there are only 77,600 pages (not sites) competing for the spot.
  • Most of them don't know how to properly optimize, so the job can be done.

TRICKS: Goggle always finds out about tricks to get listed well, and when they do it can get you booted right of of the listings. Things like stuffing keywords to thickly into small amounts of text on your website, or putting white text on a white background will get you dumped for sure. They also are suspicious of text that is too small and dozens of other things.

GOOGLE"S JOB:  To give you the site with the largest amount of the most relevant information for the term you searched. Period.

If anything else happens, they aren't doing their job. Still, we see some fairly humble sites with great rankings. Why? Because there are a number of other things that effect rankings, with no tricks involved. Those include the time the site has been live, the number of other websites that link to your site, the proper use of meta tags such as your title and description and the proper percentage of keywords to the total number of words on a page.

There are many others. If you want to learn all about it an do it yourself, we will give you the best tips. SEO is work, and many people prefer to have it done for them, but we will tell you how, free, if you want to know.

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